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Quick Eval
What is Quick Eval SLATE supports grading in multiple ways, but Quick Eval offers faculty the most streamlined and efficient grading experience. Quick Eval offers evaluators a single location to […]
Open Access Enrolment Instructions
Registration Visit the Open Access Catalog to view the available courses. If you have not previously signed up for Open Access, please click “Register” to create an account. Fill out […]
Introduction to SLATE
Welcome! We have curated some resources to help those who need to get up and running on SLATE quickly. You will find some videos and links to essential resources to […]
Synchronous Quizzes
This feature in quizzes facilitates when an instructor requires all students to take the quiz at the same time. An instructor can now set up real-time windows for quizzes where […]
Pronouns in SLATE
SLATE now allows students, faculty and staff to add their pronouns. The pronouns will be visible in SLATE under Management>Classlist and within the profile card. Note: This new feature is […]

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