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Respondus Lockdown Browser: Instructor Guide
Best Practices Create a Practice Exam We strongly recommend creating a practice exam if you have a Respondus-enabled Exam or Quiz in your course. Have students take a practice exam […]
Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor
Introduction Sheridan College uses Respondus LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor as a digital exam proctoring tool.   Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is a web browser that adds a layer of security […]
Respondus LockDown Browser: Student Guide
How to Prepare for an Exam with LockDown Browser Step 1:  Make Sure Your Browser is Updated Please visit the following links based on OS: Windows Mac We recommend using […]
Kaltura Data Fields
The SLATE Team is introducing new fields required for saving and editing videos in Kaltura. This change is necessary to accommodate the clean-up of our Kaltura system and the launch […]
Download Kaltura Video
If you’ve uploaded a Kaltura video to SLATE, you have the ability to download it. However, this option is restricted to the video’s owner—the individual who originally created the video. […]

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