Creating a Form Template

Access the Forms Tool:

  • Select Edit Course Icon on the course navbar.
  • From the Course Administration area select form icon


Create a New Template:


  • Under the Manage Form Templates heading click on New Form Template.
  • On the New Form Template page enter a name and description for the form.
  • To make the form available to students, click the box under Make Form Available. 
  • Click Save. 


Adding Fields


The content fields are the actual fields users fill out.  There are two types of fields: system fields and custom fields.


System Fields:

Add System Field

System fields automatically populate with information from a users profile.  For example:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
 Adding a System Field:
  • On the Edit Form Template page select Add System Field. 
  • A pop-up window will display.  Select the checkboxes beside the System Fields you want to add to the form template.
  • Click Add. 


Custom Fields:

Custom fields allow users to fill in content based on fields you define. There are several different options for creating fields including: drop-down lists, radio button list, check box list, text input – simple text, text input – formatted text, number input, date and time input, information, file upload, rubric evaluation and ePortfolio item link.


Adding a Custom Field:

Custom Form

  1. On the Edit Form Template page click Add Custom Field.
  2. A pop-up window will display. Enter a Field Name.
  3. Select the Make this a required field check box if you want to make this field a requirement.
  4. Choose the Data Type for the field.
  5. Fill in additional information based on the data type.
  6. Click Save.