Entering Grades

Entering Grades

If you would like to enter grades directly into the grade book for all users on a single screen, you can do this through the Grades tab in SLATE. You would use this most often if you are grading an item that does not have a grade book association. Example: Discussions, Assignments or Quizzes.  

If you want to enter grades, while directly viewing student submissions, for grade items created in SLATE, please refer to the following pages:

To access the Enter Grades page access the Grades tool by clicking Assessment>Grades on the course navbar and click Enter Grades.

By default, you will see a spreadsheet that contains student’s names and grade items.  You must have student’s enrolled in the course to view this page.  You can add a demo student to test your grades configuration.  There are two view options on this page; Standard View and Spreadsheet View. 

Standard View:

Shows a list of students and a column for each grade item.  What is displayed on this page depends on the grade details chosen in the personal display options.  You cannot enter grades in this view.

Spreadsheet View:

Shows a list of students and a column for each grade item.  This view allows you to enter grades directly into the user list for all items.

Entering Grades in Spreadsheet View:

  • Click on Enter Grades
  • By default, you should be on Spreadsheet view.  If not, click  Switch to Spreadsheet View 
  • Enter Grades in the input fields
  • Click Save 

Entering Grades by Category:

  • Click on Enter Grades 
  • Select the drop-down arrow beside the category you want to enter grades for
  • Select Grade All
  • Enter the grades in the Grade Field

Adding feedback in bulk:

You can add generic feedback on learners’ grades in bulk. You can also sort the Feedback column in the Gradebook and quickly determine which learners require feedback.

  • On the navbar, click Assessment>Grades.
  • On the Manage Grades page, from the context menu of the grade item, click Enter Grades.
  • To sort the Feedback column, do the following:
  • From the list of users, select the users for whom you want to provide feedback, and click Add Feedback.
  • Enter the generic feedback and click Save.
    Note: Use replacement strings in your bulk feedback to personalize the feedback.

Entering Grades by User:

  • On the Enter Grades page, click on the user’s name.
  • On the user’s page, enter grades for the appropriate grade items.
  • Click on the Show Comments link to add comments for user (students).
  • Click Save