What are Form Templates?


A form template is a customizable, structured interface for users to enter information.  When you create a form template, you specify the appearance of the form and the types of information users can enter. In addition to standard data input fields, form templates can include evaluation rubrics, file attachments, and formatted text or other web content.

How do they work?

When a user completes a form template the completed form response becomes an artifact in their ePortfolio, which they can share, edit, or add to collections and presentations.

Users can complete a form template multiple times. Each completed form response becomes a separate artifact in their ePortfolio.

Incorporating Forms into Your Course

If you are interested in incorporating forms into your course. We have developed a step-by-step plan to get you started.

Sample Form:

The Bachelor of Business Administration program uses forms in the Introduction to Creative Learning Portfolios course to create an independent learning portfolio activity for students.  Students fill out an About Me form which is automatically added as an artifact in their ePortfolios.  The form is submitted in a dropbox for formative evaluation and later added to the student’s Creative Learning Portfolio presentation.


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SAMPLE: View Jane’s About Me form response in her ePortfolio