What are Reflections?


Your ePortfolio can contain reflections on learning.  Reflections are detailed narratives in which you can discuss items in your ePortfolio such as Artifacts, identify personal developmental goals, as well as think critically about your learning.

Reflections are independent items in your ePortfolio which can link to Artifacts, Collections or Presentations. Reflections can stand alone as an independent item.  They may also be used to discuss the relationship between different items such as Artifacts in your ePortfolio. In such cases, Reflections will show more about you, your development and learning, than an artifact would on its own.  For example, in a Reflection you may describe how a course research project allowed you to develop critical thinking and communication skills, in which case it would make sense to attach or link the Reflection to the research paper for that project (considered an Artifact) as evidence of development of these competencies.

Incorporating Reflections into Your Course

If you are interested in incorporating reflections into your course. We have created a step-by-step guide to help get you started.

Sample Reflection:

Jane Angelou is a student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Sheridan.  Throughout her Marketing Fundamentals course her instructor posts reflection questions.  Jane reads the questions in her course and reflects using the ‘Reflect in ePortfolio’ button.  The reflections are automatically added to her ePortfolio and then submitted to a dropbox in her course.

Jane Reflects on the Course Content:

The reflection is automatically added to her ePortfolio: