Editing Modules

Edit the Module Title

  • Select the Module you want to edit from the Table of Contents.
  • Click on the Module Title or, select the drop-down arrow beside the title and select Edit Title. 
  • Enter a new title and press enter on your keyboard.


Select the topic or module’s visibility icon. A toggle box will appear, allowing you to change between Visible and hidden.

Adding Dates and Restrictions

  • Select the module to which you want to add restrictions.
  • Under the Module, title click on Add dates and restrictions. 
  • Enter a start date, due date and end date.
  • Click Update. 

Adding a Description

  • Select the Module you want to add a description to.
  • Under the Module Title click Add a Description. 
  • Enter your description in the HTML editor.
  • Click Update. 

Reordering Modules

  • Reorder modules and topics by clicking on the reordericon and dragging the module or topic to the desired area.  A grey bar will indicate where the content will be placed.