Editing Widgets

Editing Widgets


Access the Widget to Edit


Option One: 

  • If you have a widget on your custom homepage and it has a drop-down arrow in the titlebar, you can simply click the drop-down arrow and select Edit this widget.


Option Two: 

  •  If you have a homepage widget on your custom homepage and it does not have a Titlebar, you will have to edit the homepage widget through the Widgets tool.
  • Click Edit Course
  • Click Widgets.
  • Under the Custom Widgets tab, click the pencil icon next to the Homepage you wish to edit.


Editing the Widget

  • Click the Content tab and make any changes you wish through the HTML editor.
  • Click Save and Close to save your changes when you are done.


How to Fix Multiple Copies of Widgets


If you see multiple copies of the same widget and do not know which one to edit, it is easiest to delete the multiple copies of the widget and copy only that one widget from the Course Commons.


Do not re-copy your entire course, only the Homepage widget.


To copy the widget, follow these steps:

  • Click Edit Course. Click Import/Export/Copy Components.
  • Click the Search for offering button and select the Course Commons.
  • When selected, click the Select Components button (do not click Copy All Components).
  • Scroll down to Widgets and select the checkbox next to Widgets.
  • Select the radio button next to Select individual items to copy.
  • Click Continue.
  • You will presented with a  choice of widgets to copy. Select the checkbox next to Homepage and click Continue.
  • Click Finish to confirm the copy of the widget.
  • Click Done when the widget completes copying.