Creating Group Discussions
  • Click Communication>Discussions on the course navbar.
  • Select Group and Section Restrictions 

Create new restricted topics

  • On the Create Restricted Topics page, select a group category to create new topics for.
  • Under the Forum heading, select a forum to create the topics in or select New Forum
    •  If you selected new forum, a popup window will appear.  Title the forum and click save.
  • You can view/change the restrictions for the new topics.
  • Once finished, click Save. 

Restrict Existing Forums and Topics

  • On the Group Restrictions page, you will see any discussion forums and topics that have been created.
  • From the Group Category drop-down, select the category of groups you want to create restricted discussions for.
  • From the Forum drop-down, select the Forum containing the topics you want to restrict or select “All Forums”.
  • Besides the forum or topic, you want to restrict, check off the box under the restricted heading.
  • Select the box under the group heading for the group you want to restrict the topic to.
  • Click Save.