New Custom Widgets

We have added three new widgets into SLATE for you to add to your custom homepage.

The new widgets include:

Content Navigator is a custom widget for easy and quick navigation to modules, submodules, and content.

The Welcome Window Widget is the perfect tool to welcome users, help orient them to the structure and navigation of the course, and set them up for success.

The custom Visual Table of Contents widget creates a card for every module created in the course. The card contains a unique image for each module; and pulls in the description and number of topics for each module. It also has a progress tracker and various ways of getting users back to where they left content.

You can add these widgets by creating or editing your custom homepage.

Edit Custom Homepage

  • Click Course Admin
  • Choose Homepages
  • Find your active homepage and click on it.
    • If you are using the default homepage, click the dropdown arrow on the default homepage and choose copy, then, you can click on the copied homepage to edit and make your new custom homepage.
  • Scroll down until you see the widget layout.
  • Click Add Widget where you want the widget to be added. You can adjust the widget’s location once added to the course.
  • Under Add Widgets, find the widget you want to add, Content Navigator Widget, Welcome Window Widget, and/or Visual Table of Contents Widget, and click Add.
  • Choose Save and Close
  • Log back into your SLATE homepage, and you will now see the added widgets.
    • If you prefer a different location for the widgets, you can start the instructions over and drag and drop the widgets to new locations or click the X to delete them.