What is a Presentation?


PresentationPresentations allow you to select and compile items in your ePortfolio into a personalized website to showcase your learning, development and accomplishments.  Your Presentations can have multiple pages and use different themes and layouts.  Presentations require that you go through a series of steps to determine the theme of your website, what to include (such as Reflections and Artifacts), and how to display the items.  Presentations provide a professional and polished avenue for demonstrating and showcasing your learning, development and accomplishments to individuals or groups.





Sample Presentation:

Jane Angelou is a student in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at Sheridan College. As part of her graduate requirements, Jane has been developing her Creative Learning Portfolio. In her Introduction to Creative Learning Portfolio course, Jane developed a Presentation to showcase her personal learning philosophy, development goals, self-assessments, reflections and to provide evidence of her learning.