Student View Display Options

Student View Display Options


Grade Details:

  • Points Grade:  Selecting this option displays the points grade for students.  Example: 30/40 (Highlighted in yellow below)
  • Weighted Grade: Selecting this option displays the weight achieved by students. Example: 15 / 20 (Highlighted in orange below)
    • This option is only available if you chose the Weighted Grade System.

Grade Scheme Symbol: Selecting this option displays the grade scheme symbol to students. (Highlighted in blue below).

  • Grade Scheme Colour: Selecting this option displays a colour based on the points achieved.

Decimals Displayed:

  • Select how many decimal places you want to show to students in their grade calculations. The default is 2 and the maximum is 5.

Characters Displayed:

  •  For text grade items, this option controls the number of characters the student sees.  The default is 15 and the maximum is 50.

Final Grade Calculation:

Final Grade Calculation

  • Displaying the final grade calculation to users allows them to view how their final grade was calculated. Besides, the weight achieved a small calculator will appear in the student’s grade book.  Clicking on the calculator will provide the following breakdown: