Evaluating an Assignment Submission

Grading Using Assignments

  • Click Assessments and then Assignment on the course navbar.
  • Click on the assignment (dropbox) folder you want to view submissions for. Click the drop-down arrow and choose Evaluate Submissions
  • Under the Folder Contents heading, click on the Evaluate link beside the student’s name
  • From the drop-down arrow beside the file name, there are two options:
    • View Document: Opens the document inside of SLATE allowing you to preview the document on the left while entering grades and feedback on the right.
    • Download: Will download a copy of the student’s submission to your local computer.
  • Enter the student’s score
  • Provide comments and suggestions in the Feedback field.
  • Add a File or Record Audio as feedback.
  • When you are finished leaving feedback and entering grades you can select Publish  or Save Draft. You can then view the next submission by clicking Next Student in the top right corner.

TIP:  We recommend saving all feedback and grades as a draft and publishing them once you have completed marking for all submissions in the assignment (dropbox) folder.  To save as a draft click Save Draft. 

When you are ready to publish all feedback return to the assignment (dropbox) submission page.

  • Select all submissions by selecting the box at the top of the list beside the link that says download.
  • Select Publish Feedback.