Sharing your ePortfolio Externally

Sharing your ePortfolio Externally

You can share your ePortfolio with people who are not part of Sheridan such as friends, family and potential employers.

You can share presentations with external users in two ways:


  • You can make the presentation publicly available to anyone through a URL. When you share a presentation this way people can only view the presentation. They cannot add comments to, add assessments to, or edit the presentation.
  • You can send a personal invite to view your presentation via an email and the recipient can follow the attached link to view the presentation. The recipient must set up a username and password, and then they can see and add comments or assessments based on the permissions you gave them. External users cannot edit presentations.


Making a Presentation Publicly Available through a URL: share1

  1. Within ePortfolio select the My Items tab.
  2. Locate the presentation you want to share and click on the drop-down arrow beside the title.
  3. From the drop-down menu select Share.
  4. Select the checkbox beside Anyone with the URL below can access this item from the presentation’s Sharing Settings and click Close.
  5. Share the URL with others.


Make a Presentation Available Externally to Specific People and Assign them Permissions:


  • Within ePortfolio select the My Items tab.
  • Locate the presentation you want to share and click on the drop-down arrow beside the title.
  • From the drop-down menu select Share.
  • Under the Presentation Sharing List heading click Add Users and Groups.




  • Click Click to share the presentation with an external user.
  • Enter the Email Address of the external user you want to send an invite to and click Add.
  • Select the permissions you want the external users to have and click Add.
The system automatically notifies users by email  providing a link valid for three days. Users are  requested to  create an account in order to view your presentation. They are notified of their assigned permissions.
  • Click Close.

Note: When you share items in your ePortfolio an icon appears beside the item indicating the number of people the item is shared with.  Clicking on the icon will open the sharing permissions: