Respondus Lockdown Browser: Instructor Guide

Best Practices

To ensure proctoring goes smoothly at the time of the graded quiz it is best practice to set up a practice quiz for students that uses Lockdown Browser and Monitor as per Respondus’ recommendation.

Create a Practice Quiz

We strongly recommend creating an ungraded practice quiz if you have a Respondus-enabled exam or quiz in your course.

  • Have students take a practice exam with Respondus Monitor (ideally days or weeks before the exam or first quiz) to ensure their computer, webcam, and Internet work properly and the software is installed correctly.
  • Allow students more than one attempt on the practice quiz so they can try the practice exam whenever their device or networking environment changes.

The service desk can assist students with setting up and installing Respondus, especially if they use their own devices.

Use Cases

The following scenarios outline the use of Respondus to help uphold academic integrity.

In-Class Exams (Using Respondus LockDown Browser)

These are exams being supervised in person by one or more invigilators, with all students using their own device:

  • System Check Before the Start of the Exam:
    • Use the Respondus system check to determine what processes are running on the computer before the exam (Please note: System Check will only include the list of processes when the system check was captured).
      • System Check Instructions: Direct students to use the Help Center. With LockDown Browser open, log into the course and select the Help Center button from the toolbar. From there, run the Webcam Check and System Check to ensure everything works correctly.
    • Sheridan can utilize the results of the ‘system check’ to investigate in the event of suspected academic misconduct.
    • The system check results should be accessible to facilitate the investigation, so we suggest sending them to the instructor’s inbox.  
  • Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor during Exam:
    • To add an extra layer of protection to Respondus LockDown Browser, we recommended using the Respondus Monitor and screen recording to capture unnoticed breaches and for evidence collection post-exam.
    • Select enough proctors/invigilators to monitor the exam to maintain its integrity.

Action Item: Be sure to include instructions that require students to complete a System Check. Ideally, you want students to complete the System Check and send the results to you. Limit the System Check time to submit.

Note: If there is a suspected exam breach, you should contact the Office of Academic Integrity to review the potential breach. Please note that the review of academic breach instances is to be performed by the Office of Academic Integrity and the instructor.

If further support is required from SPARK, have the following information ready:

  • Student name
  • Class number
  • Quiz name and date
  • System Check results
  • Video evidence (if Monitor was used)

If you need to access and share video evidence, consult the Instructor Quickstart Guide, which contains instructions on submitting videos.

Remote Exams (Using Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor)

These are exams that students write at locations off campus:

  • The setup of the quiz tool for the exam should use the Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor.
  • Adding complexity to the exam will enhance the security of the exam’s integrity, as will:
    • Drawing exam questions from sizable question pools.
    • Tighten the allowed time for the quiz.
  • Set clear instructions on the consequences of academic integrity.


If you encounter any problems with the LockDown Browser, feel free to reach out via email.