Release Conditions

Instructors can specify release conditions for content modules, quizzes, assignment folders, etc. A Release condition will make course items available only if specific conditions are met. For example, a discussion forum can be hidden from students until they complete a quiz and score above a certain grade.

Accessing Release Conditions

Release Conditions are accessible through the Restrictions tab in most tools. In the Content tool, release conditions can be found by editing the properties of a file in place and selecting Add dates and Restrictions:

For Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and the Grades tool:

For the Content tool:

Creating New Release Conditions

  • Under Release Conditions, click Create or Create and Attach.
  • In the window that appears, select the Condition Type  (eg. “Score on a Quiz”) from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Condition Details menu, select  the specific course item relevant to the restriction, specify the criteria and score and click Create

  • Under the ‘To access this items, users must satisfy’ heading select specify whether allor any of the conditions have to be met for the item to be accessible to users.
  • Click Save and Close. 

Attaching an Existing Release Condition

You can use a previously created release condition for another course item.

  • In the Restrictions tab, under Release Conditions, click on “Attach Existing”.
  • Specify the tool where the restriction is located eg. quizzes
  • Select the specific restriction that was created previously
  • Click Attach to set the restriction

Removing Release Conditions

  • To remove all release conditions, in the Restrictions tab, click    remove conditions icon1 under release conditions.
  • To remove specific release conditions, click the   Remove Conditions icon2  icon next to the condition you wish to remove.
The video below has been curated from Brightspace by Desire2Learn, the look and feel of their example will be slightly different than SLATE, but the information is the same.