What is a Collection?



Your ePortfolio allows you to create Collections.  Collections are like folders where you can house groups of Artifacts, Reflections, and Presentations.  As you select and add more items to your ePortfolio over time, Collections allow you to organize these items. You may create Collections by course code or a topic of interest.  An item can belong to more than one Collection.  For example, you can add a Marketing Plan report you developed to a Collection called “MKTG11000D – Marketing Fundamentals” as well as “Marketing Reports”.



Sample Collections:

Example One: Creative Learning Portfolio

Jane is developing her Creative Learning Portfolio as part of the graduate requirements in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. She is collecting artifacts in each of her courses over three years.  Jane is creating a collection for each course to help organize the artifacts that she will later put into a presentation.  The first collection she has created is for the Introduction to Creative Learning Portfolios course.  In this collection, Jane will add all the artifacts created in that course including forms, documents, reflections, self-assessments, grades and a video she created:



Example Two: English Literature

Lisa is developing an ePortfolio Presentation to showcase her work in the English / Literature Program. As part of her presentation she would like to showcase her creative writing work.  Lisa has created a Creative Writing Collection where she is gathering artifacts that demonstrate her creative writing skills: