ReadSpeaker: Text-to-Speech in SLATE

In support of our continued commitment to enhance accessibility and inclusion in teaching and learning, Sheridan has provisioned ReadSpeaker, a powerful text-to-speech technology, in our online learning environment.

ReadSpeaker is a web-based text-to-speech technology available to ALL SLATE users. It includes webReader, docReader and TextAid making curriculum materials (HTML, PDFs, PPTs, Docs . . .) more accessible to learners including but not limited to peoples with disabilities and multi-lingual learners.

Users can use the built-in tools to listen to the text, convert text to audio files, annotate content, and extract highlighted text to decrease barriers presented by printed text and enhance learner engagement with course content and materials.

How to Access ReadSpeaker in SLATE


In content, when you create a webpage, you will find the webReader player in the upper left-hand corner. You will also find it in the upper left-hand corner of quiz questions and assignments. Click Listen for options, or the play button to start listening. You can adjust the reading speed, change the highlighting colours, enlarge the text, use a page mask, download to mp3 for offline listening and more!



In content when you upload a document, Word, PDF, etc. you can use the docReader by clicking Open with docReader button found on the dropdown menu beside the document title or at the bottom of the document. This will reload the document into a readable interface. It has many of the tools that webReader has.

Document Resources



TextAid is a tool that allows users to have nearly any text highlighted and read aloud, including documents, websites, text composed by users, and more. To access TextAid go to: Login with your Sheridan Username and Password.