Adding Special Access for Quizzes

Special Access allows instructors to assign specific users different quiz availability dates and late submission properties. You can increase the time limit for a specific user or allow a user to access the quiz outside of the original start and end date

  • On the navbar, click Quizzes.
  • On the Manage Quizzes page, click on the quiz you wish to edit.
  • The drop-down lists allow you to set restrictions for your quiz.
  • In Availability Dates and Conditions, choose Manage Special Access 

In Timing and Display, you can:

  • Control the amount of time learners get to complete the quiz by selecting No Time LimitRecommended Time Limit or Enforced Time Limit.
  • No Time Limit gives learners unlimited time to complete the quiz and does not display a timer.
  • Recommended Time Limit suggests to learners how long the quiz should take to complete. Learners can take more or less time than the recommended time without any penalty.
  • Enforced Time Limit sets a defined amount of time for learners to complete the quiz. Set a grace period to allow extra time to complete the quiz once the time limit is exceeded. You can set a grace limit of 0 minutes if you don’t want to allow extra time. Choose from one of the following behaviors for when the time limit and grace period are exceeded:
  • Allow the student to continue working to allow the learner to continue working on the quiz without any penalty.
  • Prevent the student from making further changes to not allow the quiz to save any additional questions.
  • Allow the student to continue working, but automatically score the attempt as zero after an extended deadline to allow the learner to continue to work on the quiz, but the entire quiz score will be marked as zero.

Adjust the number of questions per page with Paging.

Modify the header and footer with Manage Header and Footer.

Enable or disable the options: Shuffle Quiz, Allow Hints, and Disable Email, Instant Messages, and Alerts within Brightspace.

Click Save and Close.