Managing Users in the Virtual Community

Managing Users in the Virtual Community

When requesting a VC, you will be enrolled as the Owner of the community.  This role provides the same access as an Instructor of a course offering with the following additional permissions:

  • Ability to add owner(s) (i.e. designate alternate owners).
  • Ability to add community members in a Secondary Instructor or Student role.  These roles within SLATE have the same permissions as a regular academic course offering.
  • Ability to add a demo student via SLATE Self-Service.
  • Ability to add and remove members individually.
  • Ability to add members through a bulk file import.
 Note: Only Owners can enrol users in a virtual community.

Individual Enrolments

Automatic Bulk Enrolments

Manual Bulk Enrolments

Step One: Create an Enrolment File using Excel.

  • Create a New File in Excel.  For instructions click here.
  • Modify the file to include the following information for all users to be enrolled:
Field Value Description Examples
Org Defined ID Set to the SID of the user and include _S for students or _I for Instructors. 123456789_I or 000000000_S
First Name The first name of the user as defined by PeopleSoft. John
Last Name The last name of the user as defined in PeopleSoft Smith
Role Set to the role you wish the member to have in the community. Owner, Secondary Instructor, Student


NOTE: Column headers are not required.  A sample file in Excel would appear as:

Sample Excel

  • Save the file in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. For instructions click here.
    • On Mac save the file as Comma Separated Values (.csv).
    • On PC save the file as CSV (Comma Delimitated).

Step Two: Enroll Participants through the Classlist Tool.

  • Within SLATE, go to the Virtual Community participants will be enrolled into.
  • Select Classlist on the course navbar.
  • From the Add Participants drop-down select Import users from a file on your computer.
  • Select the Browse (Open File)  button.
  • Locate the file on your local computer and click Open. 
  • If you would like to send an email to users select the checkbox to Send email to existing users under Import Options.
  • Click Import.
  • If any errors are reported, fix the file and reload.

Removing Participants