A Grade book is a list of items on which you evaluate users’ performance. Grade items can include assignments, tests, discussion posts, participation, and so on. Together, they represent all the work that you evaluate users on in a course.

To access the grades tool, click Assessment>Grades on the course navbar.

  • The Grades tool is broken into four sections.  Once in the grades tool, you will see these sections at the top of the page:

Gradebook Menu

Use the Grade tool area headers to navigate between sections of the Grades tool.

  • Enter Grades: Use the Enter Grades page to enter, import and export grades.
  • Manage Grades: The Manage Grades page allows you to create the grade items and categories you will evaluate a users performance on.
  • Schemes: The grades scheme tab allows you to create schemes and organize users performances on grade items into levels of achievement.  The college now uses the Percentage scheme as the default which has already been set up in SLATE.
  • Setup Wizard: The grades setup wizard takes you through a list of setup options that you should set before you create grade items and categories.

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