Creating a Custom Homepage

Creating a Custom Homepage

  • Click Course Admin.
  • From the Course Administration area select Homepages. 
  • The SLATE Course Home is the default homepage and is comprised of four widgets: Announcements, Content Browser, Calendar, Course Overview, and Grade Exporter.  You can copy this page and use it is a starting place or, click on Create Homepage.
  • If you copied the homepage click on it to begin editing.


  • Enter a name for the Homepage in the Name field.
  • Provide a description of the homepage if required.

Choose a Header:

  • By default the header includes the course id, course name, semester code and class number:
  • You can remove the header by unchecking the box beside Include homepage header.
  • You can include a custom header by entering custom text into the header box. You can also use replacement strings in your header.  More information about replacement strings is available here.

Choose a Layout:

By default, the layout for homepages is the Basic Layout consisting of one large panel on the left and a smaller panel on the right.

  • To change the layout click Change Layout 
  • Select a new layout and click Update. 

Add Widgets:

  • Click the Add Widgets button to add widgets to the different panels on your homepage.
  • Select the widgets you want to add to the panel and click Add. 
  • Continue adding widgets to the different panels.

For information on creating custom, widgets click here.

Reordering Widgets

  • Reorder widgets by clicking on them and dragging the widget to the desired area.  A grey bar will indicate where the widget will be placed.

When you are finished click Save and Close. 

Note: Make sure you change the active homepage from the default homepage to the custom homepage. Instructions can be found here.