Import, Export and Copy Between Courses

Import, Export and Copy Between Courses


You can import components such as exported courses and content provided by content vendors and publishers into your course using the Import / Export / Copy Components Tool.  To import components, you must have a .zip folder containing the components in a format supported by the import tool.  An export file created through this tool will contain the necessary files.

Click here for instructions on importing content.


You can export components from your course offering to .zip folder allowing you to store a backup of your course to re-import at a later date.

Note: User data is not exported.  For example, if you export the assignment folders component none of the submissions to folders are exported. Moreover, associations between components will not be exported. The IMS Content Packaging specification, which the format for export files is based on, does not support these associations (for example, release conditions).

Click here for instructions on exporting content.

Copy Between Courses:

The copy components tool lets you copy quizzes, content, grade items, discussion forums, assignment folders and nearly every other course component from one course to another.

You can use the copy components feature to:

  • Reuse components created in a previous semester.
  • Add components created by your peers into your course offering.
  • Set up standard components inside the Course Commons and copy them into a new course offering each time a course is re-offered.

Click here for instructions on copying between courses.