Enabling Turnitin

This is a step by step on how to enable Turnitin in your course:

New/Edit Existing Assignment Folder

  • Choose Assessments
  • Click Assignments
  • New Folder or click the dropdown arrow next to a created assignment and choose Edit Assignment
  • Click the Evaluation and Feedback area on the right side lower box
  • Click the Manage Turnitin

Manage Turnitin

  • Choose Enable Online Grading for this Folder. Then, click More Options in Turnitin to control the advanced settings for the Assignment.
  • Under Similarity Report
    • Choose Enable Similarity Report for this folder
    • You can choose to allow the students to see their report.
    • You also can control how frequently the assignments are checked. If you choose Automatic, the system will automatically check all submitted assignments. If you choose the latter, you will control what assignments are checked.
  • Click on More Options for Submission settings, compare against and similarity report settings.
  • Save and Close