Allow learners to practice, record and submit video-based assessments. Add time-stamped comments and coaching or peer-to-peer feedback. Record, Upload and Grade Video assessments without leaving SLATE.

Where are Video Assignments located in SLATE?

To create a Video Assignment in SLATE. In your class section, Click Communication > Video Assignments. This is where you will create your video assignment by clicking the + in the lower right-hand corner. Then you can follow the directions under the video assignment resources below.

To share the video assignment with the class you will need to use Existing Activities within the contentStudents will not be able to access the video assignment through the Communication>Video Assignment location. Only within the content. Add video assignments in SLATE.

Individual Assignment

Use Individual Assignments when you want learners to practice critical skills.
What makes it unique? Individual Assignment includes Auto Analysis™, an automated reporting feature that provides data-driven insight into the delivery and content of someone’s recording. 
Common use cases: 
  • Give a presentation alongside visual aids
  • Demonstrate a physical skill or activity
  • Explain a concept or theory in your own words
Learn more about Individual Assignments in this overview video.

Question and Answer

Use Question & Answer when you want learners to prove their competency.
What makes Q&A unique? The recording starts immediately after each prompt, meaning learners are on the hot seat to show what they know.  
Common use cases: 
  • Hold a debate-style activity
  • Quiz students on a particular concept or subject
  • Conduct mock interviews for job preparation
Learn more about Question & Answer in this overview video.

Group Assignment

Use Group Assignments when you want learners to collaborate with others.
What makes it unique? Learners can schedule and host their own Virtual Classroom meetings within Group Assignment.
Common use cases: 
  • Roleplay healthcare scenarios in real-time
  • Hold synchronous conversations in another language
  • Organize and execute capstone projects 
Learn more about Group Assignments in this overview video.

Additional Video Assignment Resources

Interactive Video

Advanced Settings

Instructor Grading and Feedback