Summary of changes to visibility

The language and method by which instructors make activities hidden or visible to students is different across the tools. This issue will be resolved in many tools.

The instructor view of the list page of several tools will undergo changes related to the icons for activity restrictions.

One of the main drivers will be to ensure activity restrictions are indicated with consistent icons in a consistent order on all activity list pages. Currently, these properties appear in a different order and with different icons depending on the tool. With the improvements, where supported by the tool, the same icons will appear in the same order for all common restrictions.

Key Changes

  1. All common activity icons appear before tool-specific icons.
  2. Two Special Access icons have been combined into a single icon for simplicity.
  3. All icons will be updated to Daylight versions (except the Bonus Grade item, for now).
  4. The Exemptions icon will be new to the list pages.

Summary of icon changes in each tool