Turnitin is a tool intended to assist students in determining if their written work contains material that could be interpreted as copied from another source. By providing this guidance, students may then attribute written work appropriately, thus avoiding concerns related to copying the work of others.





In alignment with Sheridan’s Academic Integrity Policy, we want to encourage students to use proper citation and documentation practices to avoid unintentional plagiarism. The Library has a video and resources to help students learn more about academic integrity. Your Faculty assigned librarian can also assist your students with their research in the Library or conduct an in-course workshop in your classroom. Still, it is a best practice to preview and review documentation expectations for each and every assignment in terms of research skills and note-taking skills as well as in-text citations and end references. Additionally, it is a best practice to build a grading rubric that encourages and rewards originality and creativity along with proper citations rather than penalizing students.


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