Information and Notes

The SLATE support approach is foremost a faculty-to-student model as many of the support issues can be addressed with the guidance of faculty and may in fact relate to activities in the online course

  • For those issues outside of faculty guidance, students can escalate to SLATE support through the ServiceDesk
  • Systematic issues such as login or password concerns should be referred to the ServiceDesk

Support Options

Sheridan Partners

The following partners provide a mesh of inter-related supporting expertise at Sheridan and can provide assistance and support across Sheridan’s community, including staff, faculty and students. They are important collaborators in the support of online learning in general.

Sheridan Community

Firstly, all members of the Sheridan community; staff, faculty and students are important components of the tapestry of support and care at Sheridan.

Below are some identified areas but it is by no means a comprehensive list.

Faculty Peers

  • Considerable online teaching and learning expertise resides in our teaching faculty
  • Engage your peers for assistance

Library and Learning Services

Sheridan’s library and learning services and our Faculty Librarians have expertise extending from curriculum design, instructional design, online learning, leveraging the resources of library and learning services and copyright.  They will be valued partners and encourage you to reach out to them for assistance.

Student Services

Student Services offers a broad range of student supports.

Three additions sites of focused interest are:


The IT Service Desk is your front door to technology services at Sheridan. The Service Desk Team provides customer-focused service with a goal of first call resolution, regardless of the method of contact – phone, email, in-person or via our online chat feature.

The IT Service Desk is an important support partner for SLATE.  All SLATE personal monitor incoming Service Desk cases and calls and respond accordingly.  Here are the two primary ways to reach the Service Desk and receive SLATE support:

By Phone

  • Internal: ext. 2150
  • External: 905-845-9430 ext. 2150

Via Email

Information Technology

Sheridan’s information technology department provides service and support for a wide range of functions, products and services.