Once you select a course you are taken to the course homepage.


Course Navbar


The bar at the top of the course homepage is called the course navbar.  The navbar contains links to many of the tools and resources in your course.  This navbar has been designed to provide faculty and students quick access to the most commonly used tools.


  • The Course Admin button located on the left is only visible to the instructor.  Clicking on it will take you to the Course Administration page.  The Course Administration area is a central area for accessing tools related to setting up and managing your course.


Homepage and Widgets


Below the course navbar is the course homepage. This is the default view.  You can create, edit, delete and customize them.  You can also change the layout. To learn more about customizing the course homepage and widgets click here. 

  • Announcements: The Announcements widget displays announcement items created in the announcement tool.  You can create items to help communicate course updates, changes, and new information.
  • Content Browser: The content browser widget enables you to browse course content, view recently visited topics, and view bookmarked topics from your course homepage.
  • Calendar: The calendar widget consists of a mini-calendar and a list of upcoming events.  It displays all events created by instructors.