One of the cornerstones of online learning is communication.

Information and Notes

  • Communicate with your students right away[i]
    • It is important to establish your communication channel
      • Even if the message is that more details will follow
  • Share a more detailed communications plan when available[ii]
    • Share details as they emerge on:
      • Course changes
      • Expectations
      • Outline the frequency of communications

Suggested First Option


  • Announcements are a simple method to communicate to all the participants in the class.  It can be as simple or detailed as needed, can be as frequent as needed and can be used to share a wide variety of information.


  • Consider an introductory Announcement with:
    • Your chosen communication preference: SLATE Mail, Sheridan Mail, Discussions, other methods
    • Expectations for completion of the course
    • Any information you want to share
  • Follow up with ongoing announcements
    • Establish a cadence for updates
      • once a day, every other day, etc.

Other Options


  • Create a Forum and/or Topic section dedicated to communication and questions
    • The entire class can both participate and see these discussions and responses


[i] (Laurentian University, 2020)

[ii] (Laurentian University, 2020)