This webpage is intended to curate and present the considerable resources emerging both within Sheridan College, in the Ontario college sector, the broader academic community and our vendor partners.  It is provided as a referential source of information.

Sheridan Resources

Library and Learning Services

Library and Learning Services (LLS) are developing a Digital Learning Guide to provide centralized information on our college’s digital academic supports and services for informing our community on how to use academic support services remotely.  The guide provides information for both faculty and students.

You can find the guide at this link – Digital Learning Guide

There are focused resources in the Digital Learning Guide for students including:

  • Chat service monitored by library staff
  • Access to databases (eg. ebooks, journals, videos and more)
  • Research help
  • Citation help
  • Learning and study skills guide (supports on time management, note-taking, studying, test-taking and mindset)
  • Virtual tutoring sessions
  • Request link for accessible formatting of texts, print, and video transcripts
  • Tips and tricks for learning in an online environment

Ontario College Sector

The Ontario College sector has responded with contingency documentation for planned / unplanned business disruption.  Below is a list of some of these resources for your reference.

Fanshawe College – Learning Continuity Hub

Humber College – Learning Continuity Kit

Academic Community

Academica Group – Teaching Online for the First Time

Laurentian University – Resources for teaching and grading during the COVID-19 outbreak and other disruptions

Inside Higher Ed – So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online

Vendor Resources

Our vendor partners maintain resources supporting both their products and online learning here is a collection of these resources.

Brightspace / D2L – The core of SLATE

Changing From Classroom To Online Courses During The COVID-19 Virus Outbreak

Webinar Series: Come together to learn together–Transition to remote instruction with D2L

Alternative End-Of-Year Assessment Strategies

The Transition From Face-To-Face To Online Learning: Maintaining An Engaging Experience

Creating A Brightspace Course For The First Time

Creating an Online Course: A Step-by-Step Guide


Epigeum has made two of our online programmes freely available until the end of May. Anyone tackling an unexpected or abrupt transition to digital course delivery is welcome to make use of them:

  • Teaching Online presents the fundamental principles of online pedagogy, guiding users through the “nuts and bolts” of designing, delivering, and evaluating online courses for the first time. It also includes a stand-alone course to support students in making the most of their online learning experience.
  • Blended Learning explores the strategic and practical implications of integrating face-to-face and online methods in teaching and learning, covering a range of models and approaches, and including advice on fostering a blended learning culture.

Further details (including on how to access the courses) can be found here:

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