Sheridan’s new Grading Policy comes into effect Fall 2017 


Making the grade will look a little different for Sheridan students starting Fall 2017.

The new Grading Policy was approved by Senate in February 2016 and the Board in June 2016 for implementation September 1, 2017, following an October 2014 – December 2015 review.


Sheridan is replacing alpha grades (+A, A, B, etc) with numeric grades in a significant review of Sheridan’s grading scale.


The policy will apply to all students in all academic programs including courses, Degrees, Ontario College Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Certificates, Sheridan Certificates, Recognitions of Achievement and Certificates of Academic Achievement – in memoriam.


You can read the new grading policy at 


For more information on grades, academic standing and the new grading policy visit:


What does this look like in SLATE?


In SLATE the new default is the Percentage system. The old Sheridan grading scheme is no longer in use and is marked as ‘Historical Grade Scheme’.


In step 4 of the Grade Set-up Wizard the Percentage scheme is pre-selected:




Here is how you can verify the new grade scheme in your course