Before using Kaltura, we strongly recommend you use the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for an optimal experience in SLATE. Apple Safari is not supported. 

Ensure your browser allows third-party cookies, allows pop-ups, and clear your browser cache, if necessary. 

The Kaltura integration allows you to upload, publish and stream videos directly in SLATE. It will also allow you to create and edit videos of your own and share the videos within your course in SLATE.   

Please review the Sheridan_Kaltura_Guidelines_V2.0 to learn how content within Kaltura will be managed.

When you log in to SLATE you will see My Media in the SLATE navigation bar. My Media is only accessible via the SLATE Homepage. 



My Media


My Media is a private area where all the videos you have created or uploaded can be managed. From here you are able to edit videos, create clips from your videos, delete and publish your videos into the Course Media Gallery.

      • Kaltura Capture: This is the next generation personal video capture product. The intuitive design of this capture solution makes it easier than ever before to create videos from the desktop.
    • Video Quiz: With this tool, you are able to add an interactive quiz into your videos


Course Media Gallery


Course Media Gallery is a space shared by all the faculty and students that are enrolled in a particular course. You are able to share videos within any course you are enrolled, in addition to finding or creating one of your own. You can find the Course Media Gallery on your Course Homepage under the Communication tab. 


By default, any video that a student adds to the Media Gallery must be moderated by the instructor before they are placed into the Gallery. You can easily edit these options within the gallery in addition to allowing public or private comments.

Kaltura Tip: If you are trying to locate Kaltura Capture within Course Media, you will not find it. It is only found through My Media on your personal SLATE homepage.


Insert Course Media via Kaltura


Instructors are able to insert Kaltura media in SLATE within assignments, quizzes, announcements, and discussions. Whereas, students can insert Kaltura related materials in SLATE, within assignments and discussions.



Design and Delivery Considerations

  • Consider breaking down long video recordings into shorter segments.
    • E.g. Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, etc.
    • Shorter segments present less risk when uploading and playing

Use this infographic (PNG) to think through some of the design and delivery considerations when moving from a F2F demonstration to an online recorded demonstration.

Weblink –
Interactive PDF – Kaltura Video Capture Infographic

Kaltura Video Capture Infographic

Kaltura Video Capture Infographic