The Copy Content tool allows you to copy content between any two courses in SLATE.

If you have copied the information from the course you chose previously, you will get a warning.  Copy this again?  The warning will only see that you copied the course before, it will not know specifically what you copied,  use it as a warning to double-check.

Access the Copy Components Tool


  • Inside the course that you want to copy contents into, select Course Admin.
  • From the Course Administration area, select Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Under the Copy Components from Another Org Unit Heading, select Search for Offering 
  • A popup window will appear.  In the Search For field enter the search terms for the course you want to copy from.
  • Click the radio button next to the course you want to add and click Add Selected.

Copy All or Select Individual Components:


You can choose to copy all components or, select individual components. If you select all components the system will create an identical copy into the course.  If you select Choose individual components then only the content under those tools will copy.



Copying All Components:


  • If you want to create a replica of the course you are copying from, select Copy All Components.
  • A new screen will appear and you will see a status bar indicating the copy is in progress, then a green check will appear when complete.

 Select Individual Select Components:


  • If you want to select individual components click Select Components 
  • A new screen will appear asking you to Choose the Components to Copy.
  • Check the boxes beside the content you want to copy.  You can choose to copy all items for a specific tool or individual items. 
  • Click Continue. The system will begin to copy the contents between courses.
  • The next screen will ask you to confirm your selection.  Click  Finish. 








Video: Copying Select Components


  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the note Peter. If you want to share the Glossary contents with another instructor you can do it one of two ways. The other instructor will need to add you as a secondary instructor into their class, then you can copy it in for them. Or you can add them as a secondary instructor into your class and they can copy the Glossary themselves. Here are the instructions on adding instructors:

    I hope that helps to clarify, if not, please contact me directly.

    Jennifer Frost

  • Peter Steven says:

    Hi. Can you tell me how to copy the contents of my Glossary in order to send it to another instructor?

  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Excellent! Good luck this semester and let us know if you need anything else!

    Jennifer Frost

  • Paul says:

    Thank you Jennifer, I was not copying the content correctly and now have the material I need.

  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the note Paul. It just looked at your class and it appears that the copy did not take place. There are two folders in your content, but it appears those were manually added?

    Try the copy again, if it is still not working for you. Email me directly and I will look into the issue further for you.

    Jennifer Frost

  • Paul says:

    I copied a course from Commons to the live course, however, I am not seeing the content of the course anywhere. Can you please help?

  • Jennifer Frost says:

    I am going to email you directly about this issue.

    Jennifer Frost

  • says:

    I need to copy course content from the previous term. However, I’m only able to see the Commons course when I look for the course code. How would I be able to access another term’s course content?

  • Deema Saleh says:

    Hi Michael,

    In order to answer your question, I have to differentiate between “content” and “file”. In your old course, “content” was displayed and organized in the content page, but each item in content was actually a link to a file that was uploaded into the course. Now these files are stored in the course files section.

    When you want all or some of the old content moved to and displayed in your new course, you also have to select the files that are associated with that content, otherwise clicking on a content item will give an error page because you will have a broken link.

    If you select “Course Files” to copy over as well as content, what will be displayed is your content and how it was organized in the previous folder. The order in which the files are copied over does not impact how they are displayed as that will match the content page in your old course. You are also free to re-organize content once it is moved over without having to do anything to files if they have already been moved over.

    If you still have questions or would like additional information feel free to give me a call – 905-854-9430 Ext 2312.

  • Michael Muller says:

    I want to copy content from a previous course. It says “The Copy Content tool allows you to copy content” and then says to use “the Copy Components Tool”. You caution us “If you select content and DO NOT select Course Files” then content is lost. But where do I select course files? In the Choose Components to Copy heading, you can select Components, one of which is Course Files. Does this mean that when I choose an organizing component, I have to select the course files individually? When I choose the course Files tab, I get all the course files in a list without any organization.
    It would be easier to create the course organization separately and then select the files from an outside server where the course files are organized into their respective folders.

  • Jana Wells says:

    We are working to update the videos now however, to make them accessible it is a lengthy process and written documentation was our first priority. When they are available we will communicate.

  • Sharon Tiraborrelli says:


    The videos will now need to be updated to reflect the new look – do you know when these might be available?