SLATE Self Service provides users with greater flexibility to manage their learning environment.  It is a set of services accessed by clicking on the Self Service logo on the SLATE landing page.
Current capabilities include the ability to add a demo student to workbenches and course offerings, create and manage development workbenches, activate and deactivate course offerings and create virtual communities.



Features of Self Service:



Add Demo Students

Demo Student


Currently, SLATE provides functionality to role switch to a student role in order to test the course offering from the student perspective. However, this feature does not allow you to test grade entries or complete quizzes.


By adding a Demo Student to your development workbench or course offering, you can now impersonate the demo student and test these features.




Manage Course Offerings and Add Workbenches



This allows you to see a list of all your course offerings (including workbenches) within the learning
environment. From here you will be able to:

  • Add, delete or renew development workbenches
  • Rename development workbenches





Activate / Deactivate Courses



Recognizing the need for instructors to manage the availability and visibility of individual course offerings in the learning environment, SLATE Self Service now offers the ability to activate/deactivate courses.


This allows instructors to activate and deactivate courses at their discretion.  This capability answers the need to:

  • Deactivate unused Lab Components
  • Deactivate prior semester offerings


Note: Deactivated courses can also be reactivated without any loss of information.



Virtual Communities



Virtual Communities are places in SLATE that use the SLATE course structure to allow groups of people with similar interests and concerns to collaborate. All of the tools available in SLATE courses are available in a Virtual Community.


Similar to Development Workbenches this introduces the ability to create and manage Virtual Communities on the fly in real time.  Please find additional details about Virtual Communities in Self Service under the Add Virtual Community link and Help menu.



  • Gwendolyn D'Silva says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Typically, the Course description comes in from PeopleSoft so the course title cannot be changed. However, you could edit the homepage to add the day of the week for the different sections. Or, insert a custom widget on the different sections specifying the day of the week.

    Hope that helps.

  • Stephen says:

    Is there any way to rename my courses on my home list, or at least add a note? Something—anything!—to distinguish my multiple sections of a course besides memorizing the non-intuitive nomenclature

  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the note. I am sorry you are having issues viewing your course. I would urge you to call the help desk again at 905-459-7533 ext 2150 or by email Let them know you are still running into issues. I did check and I see you in the class so you might need to just have your password reset for SLATE. If you are able to login to SLATE but are not seeing your course, you might want to try a different browser, sometimes that might be the issue.

    In the meantime, please reach out to your instructor and see if you can get copies of the materials until you access is sorted out.

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Frost

  • Andree Pinheiro says:

    I am still not able to access my courses on Slate – I’ve called twice and sent an email with all the requested information. The helpdesk are not able to assist or offer a timeline for response – but I need the information so that I can access what is required for this week’s homework and I’ve not been able to access any class notes yet and this is now the third week in the semester!

  • Jennifer Frost says:


    Please check in SLATE today, you should be able to see all your courses now. If you are still running into issues please let us know.

    Thank you!

  • Ashlyn Conway says:

    I am currently enrolled in a program and it is not allowing me access to my courses.

  • Jana Wells says:


    You can create a sandbox by following the directions above for creating a new workbench.


  • John MacRae says:

    I am requesting the creation of a new Slate Sandbox for Professional Edge -BUSM13551 The Professional Edge .