Edit the Module Title

  • Select the Module you want to edit from the Table of Contents.
  • Click on the Module Title or, select the drop-down arrow beside the title and select Edit Title. 
  • Enter a new title and press enter on your keyboard.



Select the visibility icon for the topic or module. A visibility toggle appears to allow you to change between Visible and Hidden.

The visibility status of a topic appears when the topic is not visible, when the table of contents is in bulk edit mode, or when a topic is in edit-in-place mode. The table of contents fly-out menu no longer provides the ability to switch the visibility of a topic or module. If a topic or module is already hidden, the hidden icon indicates its status. Open the context menu and select Make Visible to Users to allow user access. When creating activities from Content, (e.g. New Checklist, New Discussion, New Assignment, etc.) a Hide from Users checkbox displays below the title to allow instructors to easily control the visibility of the new activity.

Adding Dates and Restrictions

  • Select the Module you want to add restrictions to.
  • Under the Module, title click on Add dates and restrictions. 
  • Enter a start date, due date and end date.
  • Click Update. 

Adding a Description

  • Select the Module you want to add a description to.
  • Under the Module Title click Add a Description. 
  • Enter your description in the HTML editor.
  • Click Update. 


Reordering Modules

  • Reorder modules and topics by clicking on the reordericon and dragging the module or topic to the desired area.  A grey bar will indicate where the content will be placed.





  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the comment. If you add a module start/end dates. The student will still be able to see that there is a module with the content, but they will be unable to click it. The system will say that the module begins/or ended on a certain date. The student will be fully aware of when the access will begin or end. If you want the module completely hidden from their view, I would recommend putting the module in Draft mode opposed to Published.

    When you add those dates into the module, it will be automatically added to their calendar.

    I hope that helps. Please, me know if you have any other questions.
    – Jennifer

  • Magdin Stoica says:

    What is the behaviour associated with the start date, due date and end date? For example:
    1. Will the module only appear after the start date?
    2. Is there a way to show the due-date in Calendar so students know by when they are supposed to cover the module material?
    3. Will the module disappear after the end date?

    Thank you for your help.