IT Service Desk

I would contact the IT Service Desk when I need  assistance with:

  • Computer & Internet Requirements for Remote Learning
  • Connecting to Sheridan’s Network
  • Printing at Sheridan
  • Connecting to Sheridan E-Mail
  • Downloading and Installing Software
  • Setting up Network Storage
  • Secure Computing
  • Resetting / Recovering my Sheridan Password
  • Getting Technology Support

Or I am having issues:

  • Logging into SLATE or any Sheridan Enterprise System
  • My enrolment in SLATE is incorrect (I am in the wrong class)
  • I dropped or added a class and waited 24hrs and my enrolment is still incorrect

How to get assistance:

Consult the Student Tech Essentials Website

Follow this link to Chat with an IT Agent

Use this link to Contact IT

Call IT ServiceDesk @ 905-845-9430 Ext. 2150 or  Email Service Desk


SLATE Training & Support for Instructors

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SLATE Training & Support for Students

Email SLATE Help

Self Guided Help

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E-Learning Designers are available for consultation on developing new ideas or techniques to enhance student learning in an online environment, suggesting interactive multimedia enhancements, developing new strategies for assessment and evaluation, and selecting the best digital technology for a particular learning activity. As well, E-Learning Designers are available to review your existing online/hybrid courses and components to provide feedback on all aspects, including organization, design, accessibility and providing areas for potential improvement.




Media Development

We will help create learning objects for your courses. Please refer to our Digital Learning Gallery to see what we can do for your class! Let us create something unique for you!