Self-Enrolling in Groups

If groups have been set up to allow for self-enrollment users will have to select which group they want to enroll in.

From the Management > Groups 

Click View Available Groups



From the Choose Group window, select a group to enroll in.


Clicking on the number in the Members column will bring up a list of all users enrolled in the group. 

Once users select a group they are returned to the My Groups page.  On this page users can see which groups they are enrolled in, the members in each group, any associated assignment folder and discussions, and an icon to email the users in their group. In addition, you are also able to switch your group membership after you enrol into a group.


  • Jana Wells says:

    Hi Betty,

    I received your request through the contact us page as well but will respond here. Please take a look at this page on Changing a Users Group Enrollment for instructions.

    If you have any questions please let me know!

  • Betty Buder says:

    When students get enrolled in the wrong group or they want to make a change, there doesn’t seem to be away to do that. Unenrolling a student from a group unenrolls them from the class.