Create a New Topic:

  • Click Communication>Discussions on the course navbar.
  • On the discussion list page, from the New drop-down select New Topic 

New Topic Details:

  • From the Forum drop-down, select the forum in which you want the topic to reside.
  • In the title field, provide a title for your topic.
  • Provide a description for the topic. (Optional)
  • Check the boxes if you want to allow for anonymous messages or if you want to approve messages before they are displayed.
  • You can also choose to have users compose a message prior to participating in the topic.


  • Under the availability heading, you can choose to allow the topic to always be visible, hide the topic or allow the topic to be visible for a specific date range.
  • If the topic is visible for a specific date range, provide a start date and end date.

Locking Options:

  • Under the locking options heading, select lock topic to lock the topic when it is created.
  • The topic will remain locked until unlock topic is selected.
  • Enter the start date and end date during which the topic will be unlocked.

Click Save and Close