To access the discussions tool click Communication>Discussions on the course navbar.



The Discussions tool is broken into four sections.  Once in the discussion tool, you will see these sections at the top of the page:






  • Discussion List: The discussion list tab displays all forums and topics that have been created.  You can use this tab to add new discussion forums and topics to your course.
  • Subscriptions: The subscriptions tab provides an overview of what forums and topics you are subscribed to.  You can adjust the frequency of notifications on this tab.
  • Group and Section Restrictions: The group descriptions tab allows you to create forums and topics that are restricted to specific groups.  You must set up groups before you can set group restrictions.
  • Statistics: The statistics tab provides an overview of user activity in your discussion topics and forums.  You can view information such as the number of topics authored, read, unapproved or scored by a specific user. You can also view statistics for individual topics and forums.