Use this infographic (PNG) to think through some of the design and delivery considerations when moving from a F2F assessment to an online assessment.

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Interactive PDF – Assessments Infographic

Assessments Infographic

Assessments Infographic


Quizzes enable you to create and manage points-measured assessments.  As part of your quantifiable assessment procedures, you can use quizzes to help evaluate users’ learning progress and learning outcomes.

  • Online quizzes during disruptions[i]

[i] (Laurentian University, 2020)



Students can submit their assignments online by using an Assignment folder in SLATE.



A Gradebook is a list of items on which you evaluate users’ performance.  Grade items can include assignments, tests, discussion posts, participation, and so on.  Together, the items in a grade book represent all the work that you evaluate users on in a course.