To enable the LockDown Browser in your quiz please follow the following directions:

lockdown browserClick Quizzes

Choose LockDown Browser 

This will take you to the LockDown Dashboard.

modify settingsFind the exam you want to add the LockDown Browser to click the icon (as shown) and Choose Modify Settings.

LockDown Browser SettingsBy default, the LockDown browser will not be activated. To require it for the exam, click Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

You have the choice to Require the Browser to view feedback and results.

More Browser SettingsYou can add a password

Click the Advanced Settings and you will see a few options, click the Explain icon for further details.

Once you have chosen all your options, click Save and Close.


If the student has previously downloaded the lockdown browser and they have not updated it to a newer version. They might run into issues while writing the exam. Please ensure that all students have the current lockdown browser

  • Starting the Lockdown Browser, click the “I” button (Windows) or “About” button (Mac) in the lockdown browser toolbar.
  • Depending upon the edition, the student can select “Check for Update” or “Check for Newer Version” to start the update process.


You also can visit the Desire2Learn Brightspace website for further details.