• Go to Assessments>Quizzes
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the quiz name and choose Edit
  • Click on the Submission Views tab.
  • Click the Add Additional Views box.


View Properties

  • Enter a name for the additional view.
  • If required, provide a message that students see to explain this additional view.


View Restrictions

  • Select a date this view will become available to users who have completed the quiz. You can set this date in the future if you prefer.
  • You can set an IP Restriction for this view limiting its availability.
  • The attempts drop-down allows you to restrict this view to users that have completed a certain attempt.
  • The minimum score option allows you to restrict this view until users achieve a certain score on the quiz.


Limited Duration

  • Under the Limited Duration heading, you can limit the amount of time this view is available. Keep in mind if you add, for example, 60 minutes, the clock will start right after the student submits their exam. Make sure to advise your students of this limited duration to avoid confusion.
    • If you want the view to end on a certain date, please do not add a limited duration and refer to the directions below under End Submission View.


View Details

  • To show questions, select Yes under Show questions.
  • Choose which questions, responses and answers you want to display.
    • Show questions answered incorrectly: displays only incorrectly answered questions and any instructor feedback provided.
    • Show questions answered correctly: displays only correctly answered questions and any instructor feedback provided 
    • Show all questions without user responses:  displays all questions without user responses or instructor feedback.
    • Show all questions with user responses: display all questions, user responses, and instructor feedback.
  • Also, check the box if you would like to Show Question Answers or Answers and show out of score. 
  • Under Score, to show student attempt scores check the box beside show attempt score and overall attempt score.
  • Under the Statistics heading, you can choose to display the class average and score distribution to users.
  • Click Save. 

End Submission View

If you want this submission view to end at a certain point.

  • Create a second additional view and name it for example, “Submission View End Date”
  • Under View Restrictions, Set a date you want the submission view to end
  • Under View Details, Select No
  • Click Save

The second view will override the first view that you created.