Default Submission View


The Default submission view will appear when a user submits a quiz attempt. By default, the system will date the quiz and show students an attempt score and an overall score (if multiple attempts are allowed).  It will not display questions, user responses or answers. Users also see a message that says “Your quiz has been submitted successfully.”


For information on changing the default submission view click here. 


Additional Submission Views


The Additional Submission views allow you to set submission views that will become available at a later date or time. For example, by default you may want students to see just their attempt score but not see the questions or answers.  A week later, when all sections have completed the quiz, you may want to set an additional view that displays the questions, user responses and correct responses.


For information on adding an additional submission view click here. 


Submission Views – Student Instructions


If students are having a difficult time finding their submission views, please direct them the Submission Views-Student Instructions page for instructions.