Click on the Assessment tab:


  • Under the Grade Item heading select a grade item from the drop-down list to associate the quiz with an item in the grade tool.
  • Under the Auto Export to Grades heading select the checkbox beside allow automatic export to grades if you want to send auto-graded attempt scores directly to the grade book.
  • The student view preview will show you what is displayed to student’s.
  • Under the Automatic Grade heading select the checkbox beside all attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion if you want to allow students to view their attempt score immediately after completion.This setting must be turned on for the grades to automatically be sent to the grade book. 


ePortfolio Artifacts
  • Select the checkbox beside ‘Allow users to add the result of this quiz their ePortfolio’ to allow users to add the submission view of this quiz to their ePortfolio as a certified artifact.



  • Under the Attempts Allowed heading click on the drop-down menu and select the number of attempts each user is allowed.
  • From the Overall Grade Calculation drop-down select how the students’ grade will be calculated.


Advanced Attempt Conditions

Advanced Attempt Conditions only appears if the number of attempts is set between 2 and 10. 

  • For each attempt yo,u can set a minimum or maximum % a user must achieve to qualify for an additional attempt.

Click Save or, Save and Close if you are finished editing.




  • Jana Wells says:

    Hi Derek,

    Are you trying to adjust the submission view for students or are you trying to see the results? If you are trying to adjust the student view you need to change the default submission view. Instructions can be found here:

    If you are trying to see the results click on the drop-down arrow beside the quiz name and select grade all. If you click on the student’s attempt you will see their submission. We can still connect your assessment to the gradebook and have the system grade it for you. Are you available by phone? Or, can you provide your section number?

    Thanks, Jana

  • Derek Elliott says:

    I gave a quiz today but can’t see any results. On further investigation I’m assuming that I should have set up the assessment tab and a grade item for that quiz. As far as I can see the help system doesn’t do a good job (actually any that I could find) of explaining the quiz/submit/view results/add grade system from beginning to end. Will I be able to see the results of the quiz I gave or is that now gone?