Creating a Quiz involves a series of steps.

  • Click Assessment > Quizzes
  • Click New Quiz

Properties Tab

  • You can use categories to group quizzes with similar content.  Select a category from the drop-down list or, click add a new category.

Quiz Questions 

Description / Introduction

  • Enter content in the Description field if you want to provide a message to students prior to them starting the quiz.
  • Enter content in the Introduction field if you want to provide a message to students at quiz commencement.

Page Header / Footer

  • Content entered in the Header field appears at the top of every page.
  • Content entered in the Footer field appears at the bottom of every page.

 Optional Advanced Properties

  • Select Allow Hints if you want to provides hints to students.  These are set up when you are creating the actual questions.
  • Select Disable Right-Click to prohibit users from printing quiz questions from within the browser.
  • Select Disable Pager and Alerts to prohibit students from accessing the pager and alert tools when a quiz attempt is in progress.
  • Enter an email address in the Notification Email field to receive an email message anytime a user completes a quiz attempt.

Quiz Restrictions

Click the Quiz Restrictions tab to add start/end dates, or add special access

Quiz Assessment

Click the Quiz Assessment tab to associate the quiz with the grade book and adjust the attempts allowed.

Submission View

By default, the Submission View only shows students their score on the quiz. However, you can set additional Submission Views that allow students to see additional information, such as correct answers or question feedback, for a set period of time.

Click Save to continue editing the quiz or Save and Close to exit back to the Manage Quizzes page.

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

After you have saved the exam, you can go back to the quizzes page and click the Lockdown Browser tab to enable the Lockdown Browser or Monitor.

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    Hi wondering what is required to to import a csv file .I tried yesterday but it will not up load thanks Brian