Special Access allows instructors to assign specific users a different set of quiz availability dates and late submission properties. You can increase the time limit for a specific user or allow a user to access the quiz outside of the original start and end date.


  • Click on the quiz you want to add special access to.
  • Click on the Restrictions tab.
  • Under the Advanced Availability Heading click Add Users to Special Access. 
  • Under the Special Access Properties heading
  • Specify a date or date range that your quiz becomes available to Special Access users.
  • Under Timing, to allow individual students more time to take a quiz, check the box next to “Recommend time limit” or “Enforced time limit,” and enter a number in the “minute(s)” field. This step is very important if you want to give students extra time on the exam.

  • Under Attempts choose the radio button, Override attempts allowed, if you want to add additional special attempts for a student.
  • Under the Users heading select the checkbox beside the users who are being added to special access.
  • Click Add Special Access. 

  • lakshmi govindarajan says:

    i missed the final quiz for the intro. to big data course, kindly please open and give me the access. thanks