The grading system determines how the grade items in your grade book contribute towards the users’ final grades.Gradebook WIzard 1


There are three different Grading Systems:


  • Grade items can count as a percentage of a final grade worth 100%.
  • Grade items can be worth a certain amount of points that are totalled for a final grade.
  • You can define a custom formula for how grade items contribute to a final grade.



  • Choose the weighted grade systems if you want items to be calculated as a percentage of the final grade.
  • You must choose the weighted grade system if you want students to have an ongoing view of their final grade.
  • Weighted is the most common grade system used by instructors and default in SLATE.
    • Example: Assignment One is assessed out of _/50 points and is worth 25% of the final grade.



  •  Choose the points grade system if you want to calculate the final grade by totalling the points users receive on a grade item.
    • Example:   Assignment One _/20     Assignment Two _/100   Final Exam _/200    Final Grade: _/320




  • Choose the formula system if you want to calculate the final grade based on conditions around grade items
    •  Example:  Midterm Exam _100 *Student must achieve 60% or higher.