Before you can use the Grades tool, you must set up a grade book.


Before you set up the grade book, you should consider the following:

  • What grade items do you plan to evaluate users on?
  • How much will each grade item be work? (both the points value and the weight the item contributes towards the final grade).
  • How you want grade items to be evaluated.
  • How you want to calculate the final grades.


Although you can adjust your grade book later, making changes to how the grade book is structured or calculated after users’ grades have been entered can significantly change your data.


To access the Grades Setup Wizard:

  • Click Assessment > Grades 



  • Select Setup Wizard 



Follow these pages as you set up your grade book:

  1. Choosing a Grading System
  2. Final Grades Released 
  3. Grade Calculation
  4. Choose Grade Scheme 
  5. Managing View in Display Options 
  6. Student View Display Options
  7. Grade Set up Summary
  8. Grade Items and Categories
  9. Creating Numeric Grade Items
  10. Creating Grade Categories


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