Add a Grade Item: 

  • Select Assessment>Grades from the course navbar.
  • Select Manage Grades
  • Click on the New button
  • From the drop-down lists select Item 

Select Grade Item Type:

  • Select Numeric as the grade item type.


  • Enter the name of the grade item in the name field.
  • Provide a short name if your grade item name exceeds 15 characters.
  • If this grade item belongs to a category, select the category from the drop-down.



  • Enter the points that you will evaluate the grade item out of.
  • Enter the weight the grade item contributes towards the final grade
    • Note: this is only an option if you are using the Weighted Grade system.
  • Select Can Exceed if the grade item can exceed the maximum points value in the box above (ie. 40)
  • Select Bonus if you want the item to be included as a bonus item.
    • Bonus items are not counted towards the maximum points for a category or final grade.  Select Bonus and Can Exceed if you want to allow users’ grades to exceed the maximum points.
  • Select a grade scheme if different from the default scheme.
  • Associate a Rubric with the grade item by clicking Add Rubric
    • Note: You must create the rubric first.
  • Additional Display Options are available.
  • Click Save and Close