Using a calculated grade item, you can display a user’s cumulative achievement across multiple grade items with a calculated grade item.

Add a Grade Item: 

  • Select  from Grades the course navbar.
  • Select Manage Grades
  • Click on the New button
  • From the drop-down lists select Item 



Select Grade Item Type:New_Item_-_Mindful_Living_-_SLATE_Sheridan_Learning_and_Teaching_Environment

  • Select Calculated as the grade item type.





  • Enter the name of the calculated grade item in the name field. New_Item_-_Mindful_Living_-_SLATE_Sheridan_Learning_and_Teaching_Environment 423
  • Provide a short name if your grade item name exceeds 15 characters.



  • Select Can Exceed if the grade item can exceed the maximum points value in the box above (ie. 40)
  • Select a grade scheme if different from the default scheme.
  • In the Calculation section, select the check boxes beside the items you want to include in the calculation. Clicking a category selects all grade items in the category. Clicking the check box at the top or bottom of the list selects all items. Choose as many or little as you want.
  • Select a Milestone Grade Calculation or Final Grade Calculation method (these options are not available in a Points grading system).
  • Associate a Rubric with the grade item by clicking Add Rubric
  • Additional Display Options are available.
  • Click Save and Close